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The editors of Blood Lotus are passionate writers and fierce critics.  We know what we want: language and imagery that is fresh, evocative, and takes risks.  In poetry, we'd like to see anything from form poetry that masterfully adheres to or innovatively breaks the rules to free verse that has been consciously shaped and crafted.  In fiction and nonfiction, please show us the unpredictable.  When we publish something, it's our way of saying to our friends and the world, "You have GOT to read this!"

Are you up for it?

  "Rope and
Wooden Bridge," by Melanie Neer

Vol.1 Issue 3 August 2006

Blood Lotus by Rane Arroyo

Words for colors have
colors. Open red and
see the blood lotus.
It's a heart and a flower.

Open blue and read
a big book of waves.
Read it again. Only
the void is older and

black, a fire warming
nothing as the lotus
floats above it, blood as
book ink, a skilled tide.


new sins: newsins@blog-city.com

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Contributors' Links

As part of our promise to promote the work of our contributors, we are now listing their web site affiliations for the duration of time their work is featured on our site.  If you like the writers featured in this issue, please visit the following:

Harriet Leach

www.antithesiscommon.com  (featured work)

 www.greenriverwriters.org  (member since 1998)  


Mark Spencer

http://www.amarillobay.org/contents/spencer-mark/trespasser.htm (featured work)


Lowell Mick White

Big Tex[t]  http://bigtext.tamu.edu/ (journal he edits)

http://www-english.tamu.edu/cw/ (program he attends)


Sandra Hunter

www.myspace.com/poetryread (Moorpark College Poetry Reading she runs)


Clare L. Martin

http://www.southernhum.com (journal she edits, plus featured work)

http://www.cleansheets.com/poetry/martin_11.17.04.shtml (featured work)
http://www.cleansheets.com/poetry/martin_08.17.05.shtml (featured work)

http://www.farmhousemagazine .com/6Pmartin.html (featured work)


Jackie White

http://www.rhinopoetry.org (journal she edits)
http://www.anotherchicagomag.com (work forthcoming in #46)
http://english.colum.edu/courtgreen (work forthcoming in #3)


Chris Vola

http://www.verbsap.com/06marfic/vola.html (featured work)


Melanie Neer

http://www.americantolkiensociety.org/pdf.files/mtes35.2.pdf (featured story)



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